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Do I need to keep my MOT certificate?

Check Tax & MOT Status

In addition to your paper duplicate, the DVSA keeps a digital record of your examination certification Whilst this digital record will certainly be made use of by cops throughout any driving offenses, it is extremely advised that you additionally keep your paper copy secure for specific conditions.

When you’ll require your paper MOT certification

When you are intending on marketing your automobile, one of the most significant times you’ll need the paper duplicate of your MOT examination certification is. Any type of prospective buyer will certainly require to see one of the most recent certification as proof of the cars and truck being roadworthy at the time of purchase, as the general public can not access these digital documents.

It is also important to have the paper certification in case of a mishap or insurance policy case. Your case is most likely to be influenced if you don’t have this paper certification handy, which could suggest you lose out on a considerable quantity of money, specifically in the occasion of an injury.

What to do if you have shed your MOT certificate.

Crashes take place, so if you have shed or harmed your present MOT paper certificate, it can be replaced. A replacement is available at any type of MOT center, as well as you’ll require to supply the initial MOT test number, or the V5C document recommendation number (which can be located on your V5C certificate).

The facility is likely to bill you a cost of as much as ₤ 10 for this substitute.

Can I drive without an updated MOT?

If your automobile is over 3 years old, the regulation determines it needs to undertake an MOT examination. The only conditions during which you can lawfully drive the auto on public roadways after this date is to the test center, as well as to an area for fixings need to they be needed.

Without a certificate, you’ll also be incapable to renew your road tax. Without roadway tax obligation, your cars and truck is also illegal to drive on public roadways and also property. Enter your reg in our internet and also examine it if you’ve forgotten your MOT revival day!

If your car is over 3 years old, the law determines it must go through an MOT examination. Without a certification, you’ll likewise be unable to renew your road tax. If you’ve neglected your MOT revival day, enter your reg in our internet and inspect it!