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The importance of MOT and servicing

When you own a vehicle, it’s essential to get it serviced regularly as well as to ensure it has a legitimate MOT Why do MOT and also servicing matter and what are they for? We have everything you need to understand.

Why do you require a MOT as well as a service check?

In between them, routine cars and truck servicing as well as MOT tests assist ensure your lorry is running smoothly as well as is secure to be on the road (road legal). Yet what do they both entail?


During an MOT check, your vehicle will certainly be examined to guarantee it meets the minimal road safety and security criteria set out by the DVSA.

Every auto over the age of 3 requires a yearly MOT examination, as well as it’s important not to fail to remember when your following one is due as driving without a legitimate MOT can land you with a fine of up to ₤ 1,000!

Vehicle servicing

While car maintenance isn’t a lawful demand, we very recommend that you obtain your vehicle serviced often to guarantee that your lorry is running at its best as well as is at less threat of damaging down.

Plus, obtaining your auto serviced is the very best method to discover any prospective problems that could bring about a failure in your MOT examination.