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What is MOT check?

AUCN MOT Checklist

An MOT test is developed to ensure that your lorry satisfies roadway security and ecological requirements. The existing needs are for that reason rather stringent, however there are actions you can require to assist prepare your auto for its MOT. Step, inspect out our online list listed below as well as be sure to enter your reg to obtain notified when your MOT is due.

What is inspected in an MOT?

Noted listed below are the major components that are inspected as component of the MOT test, in addition to some pre-MOT check pointers. Nearly fifty percent of all faults found during MOT checks can be avoided by executing straightforward upkeep, so it’s beneficial inspecting products like lights, wiper blades and also tyres ahead of time so that your lorry has the very best possibility of passing very first time!

1. Lamps, reflectors and electrical devices


30% of all MOT mistakes connect to lights and signaling

Your lorry’s front, back, brake, haze, registration and also sign plate lights as well as rear reflectors need to:

be safe and secure and also appropriately located

not be covered

remain in good condition

show the correct color (a bluish shade to front headlights is appropriate as long as the predominant shade is white).

not be negatively affected by the operation of any type of various other light.

light up with a single procedure of the button.

Sets of lights need to discharge light of the exact same shade, shapes and size.

Headlight aim (both dip beam and also primary beam) must be listed below the straight, so as not to dazzle various other vehicle drivers.


The horn has to emit a constant consistent note and must be audible to be heard by one more road customer.


The battery has to be safe as well as disappoint any signs of leaking electrolytes.

Electric electrical wiring.

Wiring should be secure and must not be harmed to the point where it is likely to brief circuit or come to be removed.

Vehicles with a towbar.

Any type of electric socket should be in a good problem and appropriately run the trailer auto parking lights, brake lights, indications as well as rear fog lights.

Pre-MOT check ideas

Lights: While you operate your lights from the vehicle driver’s seat, have a pal or family members member walk your automobile to inspect each of them is functioning correctly.

Horn: Give your horn a quick blast to examine it’s working correctly.

Battery: Check that all connectors remain in location safely as well as are in great problem, while maintaining an eye out for fluid leaks.

2. Steering and suspension.


Your steering wheel have to be secure as well as in a good condition. The tester will examine this by pressing the wheel in various directions and checking the guiding parts for wear or damages.

If your guiding has a locking device, it should only secure when the engine isn’t running.

Autos with power steering should have at the very least the minimum level of power guiding liquid in the reservoir.


Suspension parts and also shock absorbs will certainly be looked for excessive deterioration, distortion as well as fractures.

3. Brakes.

9.6% of MOT stops working result from brake issues.

Your brakes, pedals as well as levers must remain in great condition and any kind of relevant caution lights have to function. The tester will certainly likewise lug out a brake efficiency test to check brake efficiency.

Pre-MOT check ideas.

Brakes: Keep an eye on your car and make a psychological note if it draws to one side when you apply the brakes. This can suggest an issue that requires attending to before you take your automobile for an MOT.

4. Tires as well as road wheels.

10% of all MOT faults relate to tires.

Your tires have to be of an appropriate rate as well as tons rating for your automobile. Walk depth requirements to be a minimum of 1.6 mm and also the tester will look for cuts in excess of 25mm, lumps, protrudes, splits, exposure of the cable and also tread splitting up.

For lorries with run-flat tires, the warning light need to operate appropriately.

Road wheels must remain in great basic problem, and all wheel nuts should remain in location and snugly secured.

Pre-MOT check tips:.

Tires: Use a tyre deepness gauge to inspect the tread depth.

5. Seat belts.

All of your safety belt (including the attachment as well as adjustment fittings) require to be the correct length and also in good working order.

Pre-MOT check suggestions.

Safety belt: Give your safety belt a sharp tug to ensure that the restraint systems are functioning correctly. Additionally inspect that the locks are in excellent working order and also operate appropriately.

6. Body, framework and basic things.


A general inspection of the body, framework, engine mountings, seats, bonnet, boot and also doors will certainly be executed as component of your MOT checks. All elements should be devoid of too much corrosion as well as must not have any type of sharp sides that could create injury.

Registration plates.

An enrollment plate have to be fitted at the front and also back. Home plates have to be safe and secure as well as clearly understandable to somebody standing 20 meters far from the vehicle.

The characters on home plate should be appropriately formed and spaced, as well as not most likely to be misread.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Every vehicle must permanently present a clear VIN, either on a VIN plate protected to the vehicle, or stamped or etched on the body or framework.


A speedometer needs to be fitted, and the tester will certainly check that it can be lit up. If the dial glass is split as long as the speed can be read, it does not matter.

Pre-MOT check suggestions.

Registration plates: Clean your number plates as well as ensure they’re lawful and also readable. If you require a replacement for your front or back, you can buy one online.

Speedometer: Check that your speedometer can be read and also the dashboard lights light up in the evening.

7. Exhaust system as well as emissions.

Exhaust system.

Your exhaust system should be complimentary and safe and secure of leakages. If your vehicle was initially fitted with a catalytic converter, it has to still be present.


Your car’s carbon monoxide gas as well as hydrocarbon emissions must drop within the legal limitation. The tester will utilize a gas analyzer probe while the engine is going to check the smoke discharged from the exhaust. They’ll also visually check for excessive smoke of any color being given off from the exhaust, which might lead to an MOT failure.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your lorry will need enough engine oil and also gas degrees in order for the tester to execute their exhaust checks.

Pre-MOT check tips.

Exhaust: Make a note of any type of sound or rattling from the instructions of your exhaust pipeline when your automobile’s running. This might recommend a problem that needs dealing with prior to you take your MOT.

Exhausts: To sustain the exhausts test, top up your engine oil and also fuel levels. Your oil degree should be in between the minimum and also optimum marks on the dipstick in the oil storage tank under your hood.

8. Vehicle driver’s sight of the road.

6.6% of MOT fails are due to issues with the driver’s sight of the road.

Mirrors and also wipers.

Back sight mirrors and also wing mirrors have to be safe as well as offer ample views to the back as well as side. Wipers as well as washers have to move a large adequate area to offer the chauffeur a sufficient sight of the road.


In the location of the windshield directly before the vehicle driver, there have to not be any type of damages or blockage to the view bigger than 10mm. Outside this area (yet within the brushed up location), there have to not be any kind of damages or various other obstruction larger than 40mm.

Pre-MOT check pointers.

Mirrors: Check for fractures that may cover your vision and change any type of broken mirrors to prevent the danger of failing your test.

Wipers: Give your wiper blades an once-over to ensure they’re in excellent working order and also aren’t showing any indications of damages.

Windscreen: Ensure that your display wash is covered up (you can fail your MOT if this isn’t the situation!) and also there’s no significant damages to your windshield. Make certain that the display laundry feed isn’t blocked.

An MOT test is developed to make certain that your vehicle meets roadway safety and security as well as environmental criteria. The present demands are as a result quite strict, however there are actions you can take to help prepare your cars and truck for its MOT. Action, check out our online list listed below and be sure to enter your reg to get notified when your MOT is due.

Your lorry’s carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon discharges must drop within the legal restriction. They’ll additionally aesthetically check for extreme smoke of any shade being given off from the exhaust, which could result in an MOT failing.