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What does our car tax check include?

Our cars and truck check includes over 100 fields of data concerning the automobile. You will want to make certain the history is as anticipated and the car meets the requirements to be legitimately driven on the UK’s roadways if you’re purchasing a car.

Our record includes vital information on:



Registration date

Co2 emissions

Car tax status

Car tax due date

Stolen Check

Write-Off Report

Plate Changes

Finance Report

SMMT Details

Vehicle Details

Colour Changes



Engine Data

Fuel Economy

Logbook Counts

MOT History


Previous Owners

Running Costs

Why do car tax check?

It protests the law in the UK to drive an automobile without roadway tax, for that reason it is vital that you guarantee your auto has valid tax obligation. The quantity you will spend for your tax will certainly depend on the group your automobile comes under, with various VED (Vehicle Exercise Duty) bands for petrol, diesel and also electrical vehicles, which vary based on the Co2 exhausts released.

1 in 3 cars had issues at their last MOT

1 in 63 cars have mileage discrepancies

1 in 3 vehicles have hidden history

1 in 3 vehicles have outstanding finance

1 in 4 vehicles have number plate changed

2000+ vehicles per day are uncovered as write-off

100+ vehicles are currently stolen per day