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How to Pass your MOT

Certainly you won’t be able to analyze your car to rather the very same standard as a real garage, yet there are still lots of points you can do to reduce your chances of an MOT disaster!

Function your method via each of the complying with list to assist you to recognize feasible issue locations prior to your automobile’s wedding day. You never ever understand – your bank account might thanks for it!


Car cleaning products

Brake fluid

Replacement mirror glass

New wiper blades

Top up your screen-wash

Number plates (if required)

Bulbs (if required)

Tyre tread depth gauge

Tip 1 – Cleaning & Handbrake

Give your vehicle a really detailed clean in and out. The tester might be a lot more likely to pass a borderline part if it looks well cared for. Inspect that the handbrake works properly. If you need to draw the bar a long way up (i.e. if it clicks a lot of times), the cable television might need change, so obtain this had a look at if you assume something may be wrong!

Tip 2 – Check Brake Fluid

Inspect the brake fluid level. Press the brake pedal and also see to it that it doesn’t feel mushy. There may be air in the hydraulic system which will require to be gotten rid of by blood loss if it does.

Tip 3 – Shocks & Screen.

‘ Bounce’ each edge of the car subsequently. Then this could suggest that the shock absorbs are worn out, if the car does not settle after 1 or 2 bounces. Check for too much dip into the steering wheel (i.e. if it feels as well loosened), as this might indicate wear in the link. There should not be any fractures or chips in the windscreen within the vehicle driver’s field of vision.

Tip 4 – Check Mirrors.

Check that your wing mirror and also rear view mirror remain in great condition, which you can readjust them if you need to. Then be sure to replace the mirror glass or the whole mirror, if they’re damaged or cracked.

Tip 5 – Things Not To Miss

. Examine the horn, the windscreen washing machines and also wiper blades. If it’s a bit low, replace worn wiper blades and cover up your screen-wash. Also double check that your number plates remain in good problem – a split one can mean a failure!

Tip 6 – External Lights.

Check that all of your cars and truck’s exterior lights are working correctly. Your number plates and also all lights need to be undamaged and also clean, so give them a good scrub if necessary. If any one of your lights aren’t working, change the bulbs or inspect the wiring to see to it there aren’t any loosened links.

Tip 7 – Checking Your Tyres

Inspect your car tyres for damage. Use a step depth scale to check the quantity of walk continuing to be. The legal minimum is 1.6 mm – although it’s much better to fit brand-new tyres well prior to they reach this stage!

Tip 8 – Final Checks

Check the exhaust by beginning the engine as well as holding a clean towel over the tailpipe. If the system is leaking, you will be able to hear. Repair or renew as essential.

Check the safety belt for fraying, cuts or various other indications of damage. The pole positions have to be safely affixed and the back-rests must secure the upright placement.

If you have to pull the bar a long method up (i.e. if it clicks too lots of times), the cord might require change, so get this examined out if you believe something may be wrong!

Double check that your number plates are in great condition – a split one can imply a failing!